Imran Khan Feeling The Heat!

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed a fairly large rally in Jamrud, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at the end of a tumultuous week for politics in Pakistan.  In what should have been a policy speech for the uplifting of the former FATA region, Khan used the stage to lash out at his opponents in Punjab and Sindh.  With great uncertainty on the economic front, severe in-fighting amongst PTI leadership, Shahbaz Sharif’s name taken off the Exit Control List (ECL), Nawaz Sharif getting some respite from the courts and Bilawal Bhutto raising the stakes with his harsh criticism on the government, Khan seems to be feeling the heat.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar

The PTI is still only in the first of its five-year government, but the initial eight months have provided enough ammunition to the opposition benches and Rawalpindi to fire warning shots against Imran Khan. Rather than walking smartly and navigating the choppy economic waters, the government chose to open battles on many fronts right from the get-go.  The first battle Khan launched was to bring in Usman Buzdar as chief minister Punjab.  Buzdar has proven to be highly unqualified and incompetent for the second most important civilian post in Pakistan.  Hoping to govern remotely, Banigala has managed to bring the largest province of Pakistan to a bureaucratic halt.

There is not only uncertainty in Punjab, but the finance minister in Islamabad has not been able to control the poor economic indicators.  Utility prices, food prices, inflation, devaluation of the rupee have all seen a significant increase since the PTI government took the oath of office.  Receiving extremely high utility bills has only frustrated an already beleaguered population who had high expectations of finance minister Asad Umar.  While the minister was not provided a robust economy, the government has not done enough to pacify economists, investors or the miltablishment with sound policies, despite being able to pass a few mini-budgets from parliament.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood and Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar

Not only is Khan frustrated with his economic team, but his party vice-chairman and former Secretary General have again drawn daggers.  Sitting alongside Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi launched a scathing attack on Jahangir Tareen in a press conference from the Governor House.  Tareen was disqualified by the Supreme Court for being untruthful and banned him for life from holding public office.  Despite the lifetime ban, Tareen has sat in federal cabinet meetings and presided over government policy meetings. This has drawn the ire of the foreign minister who claims Tareen’s disqualification does not allow him to be involved in official government matters.  While Qureshi and Tareen’s disdain for each other has been an open secret for years, it is only recently that Qureshi has publicly gone against his own prime minister Imran Khan.  Rumour has it that Qureshi may again be eyeing the prized seat of chief minister Punjab and is ramping up pressure on Khan at the behest of those sitting in Rawalpindi.

Bilawal Bhutto Train March

Seeing Khan backed into a corner, the Opposition has come out with all guns blazing. Former President Asif Zardari has called on his supporters to march on Islamabad and oust the PTI-led government, telling them that it’s time for Imran Khan to go home.  Chairman Pakistan’s People Party (PPP)  Bilawal Bhutto led a train march from Karachi to Larkana, riling up his political base.  Stopping in various cities, Bhutto lambasted the government for selected accountability against the PPP, inaction against banned organizations and poor handling of the economy.  Mocking Imran Khan as a ‘selected prime minister’ Bhutto seems to be gaining traction against the government, but his true test will come outside his home province of Sindh once he brings his movement to Punjab.

Shahbaz Sharif’s efforts to qualm tensions between the boys in Rawalpindi and Nawaz Sharif seems to bear fruit.  The elder Sharif who was in jail on corruption charges was allowed medical relief and sent home while Shahbaz Sharif’s name was removed from the ECL (Imran Khan apparently gave an earful on the leniency shown towards the Sharif brothers).  Shahbaz Sharif being leader of the Opposition, has been giving a tough time to the prime minister on the legislative front, most recently on the key appointment of members to the Election Commission of Pakistan.  Senior party members of PML-N have been heavily criticizing the government over its failure in controlling the economy and political victimization on charges of corruption.

Taunting his opponents, Imran Khan’s chest-thumping speech in Jamrud sent a message to Rawalpindi and his political rivals that the government will complete its 5-year mandate despite their best efforts to toss him out.  However, Khan’s obsession with wanting to eradicate his opponents through corruption charges and convictions doesn’t seem like a winning strategy.  Unable to take control of a poor economy and pressure from within his own party, Rawalpindi has raised the temperature against Khan.  During his cricketing days, Imran relished playing under pressure with his back against the wall.  If the cornered tiger does not get the wheels of the economy churning and pacify the resentment growing within his electorate and the miltablishment, 5 years seems an unreachable feat.

2 responses to “Imran Khan Feeling The Heat!

  1. Tariq Hamid Haq

    Very articulate.

  2. although there is agreement amongst the literate class as to your negative assessment of the PTI, i believe, that as far as the economy and the governance issues are concerned, it could take a while before he could undo the damage inflicted by the previous two governments.Lets wait for the mid term to make a more accurate assessment of PTI’s tenure IF PTI LASTS THAT LONG.

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