Leave of Absence

Hi All! Now that I have graduated from college and am starting my professional career, I will not be active on my blog anymore.  It has been a great experience writing on making our country look towards a brighter future.  We are at a cross-road and the route upon which we travel will surely measure our success.  Hopefully my blog has set a ball in motion and will make us think outside of the box.  We must counter the threat of those who are seeking to destroy our future.  Pakistan’s glory days are yet to come.  Most successful nations of our time have had a turbulent past and Pakistan is no exception.  We must overcome the elements that are breaking our peaceful society.  Education should be our top priority in order to be exceptional.  Through my published articles and numerous blog postings, I hope that I have inspired and motivated many of us who assume we have a bleak future.  Thank you for your readership and support!


4 responses to “Leave of Absence

  1. Good luck buddy and keep in touch.
    We will miss your blogs.

  2. Yup I agree with the him

  3. NO! you can’t stop updating. you’re my regular source of valid information and your writings help me form an opinion!!! grr, COME BACK

  4. Oh NO WONDER I haven’t been receiving any of your posts in my mail for ages now! And especially at this time I was like what is going on?! ab samajh ayee! Heard you’re in Isbd, hope all is well!!

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