UN Bhutto Report

The much-awaited United Nations report on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has finally been released.  After delays and various hindrances in the formation of the report which includes a request from the Pakistan Government to stall the release, we find that the report has stated the obvious.  As MQM leader Babur Ghauri has articulated, our very own intelligence and police officials could have conjured the findings of the committee.  With a cost touching nearly Rs.200 million rupees, the committee searching for the perpetrators handed us a hefty bill.
I am may be dissatisfied with  the result or findings of the UN report, but I would request the government to bring those who murdered our revered leader to justice. I have forgotten where I was reading, but the author had stated that if the current government led by the husband of Benazir Bhutto passes up the opportunity of finding Bhutto’s killers, we may never give the assassins the response they deserve. Mr. Zardari has three children, one who is the Chairperson of  his political party.  Regardless of the Bhutto legacy, regardless of the fact that he is President only due to the death of Ms. Bhutto, Zardari owes it to his three children and the country that he finds the assassin of their mother.  Now that the money to the UN has been paid and the dust has settled, I would like to see some results and actions of the high price Pakistan taxpayers have paid.

2 responses to “UN Bhutto Report

  1. Babur Ghauri may be correct that there was no surprise. But this is okay, I think, and let me tell you why. It is because no progress could be made towards arresting and trying the true people behind this attack without having an independent group investigate and publish findings.

    If the present government had done an investigation, it would be doubted by too many people who suspect Zardari of some sinister motives. If MI had conducted the investigation, same problem. Because of the ruthless nature of politics, everyone was a suspect. The only way to move forward was to ask some outside group. For this reason, the report compiled by Chilean ambassador Heraldo Munoz is actually invaluable. It allows us to move forward.

    Also, the report does provide some important details and puts to rest some terrible conspiracy theories. Obviously, it is up to Pakistan to fully investigate, arrest, try, and convict the culprits. Justice cannot come from the UN, it must come from Pakistan.

    For this reason, I agree with your conclusion 100%:

    Now that the money to the UN has been paid and the dust has settled, I would like to see some results and actions of the high price Pakistan taxpayers have paid.

    Let us never forget that the Pakistanis have paid a price in blood that is far greater than any millions of rupees. It is time that we receive the justice that we paid for.

  2. It makes me sick to the stomach when all of us fail to ask the very basic questions that must be asked in all murder cases. In this case the murder of not so much revered leader Late BB.

    The great, most useless organization in the world UN conducted the so called investigation failed to on the following accounts.

    I am not accusing of anyone for the murder of BB but following questions must be answered

    1- Who Benefited the most from her murder. I am sure it is Mushraf Haha!


    3-Circumstantial Evidence.

    In this case the most important evidence is the so called “will” of BB

    Was the will recorded with any legal person.If so who? I would assume a person as “Shatir As BB”would have made sure her will is secured with 3rd party.

    Was the original will tested for forensic evidence of BB handling the paper.

    Why would the champion of Democracy hand over the party to a 3rd class , very smart person who had been sidelined for years in her life.

    Or she was just a hoax, same high class educated power hungry person, who would make sure that no one else can every rule PPP. But her beloved 22 years old son, who has no idea about Pakistan.

    Until these very basic questions are not answered, we are heading in the right-wrong direction.

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