I’m Back!

Sorry for the absence – but as per the rules of my dad, academics comes first.  It was getting a bit too hectic juggling work and the blog.  Anyways, getting back to Pakistani politics we are surely seeing a shift in the political environment.  I had written a few weeks ago in regards to a new dawn that was being witnessed with the arrest of key Taliban leaders. With the Rabbani committee signatories having penned down their names on the 18th amendment, the constitution will be reverted to an almost 1973 like condition. Regardless of the political climate we have many calling for the re-opening of corruption cases against the President and as Ansar Abbassi puts it “his cronies”. If Zardari has taken a single penny out of the treasury for his personal use and the umbrella of corruption – then try him by all means necessary. But respect the institutions present in the country rather than pitting them against each other. These tactics are becoming rather monotonous and irritating and its high time these “news analysis” encourage growth and development in the country rather than inviting the military or judiciary to step into the president’s house.

One response to “I’m Back!

  1. Welcome back! It’s always good to read your intelligent analysis.

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