Does the military really need an increase?

It is highly unfortunate when a nuclear powered country is facing shortages in basic commodities, our political and military elite decide to increase the salaries of soldiers and officers.  I understand they have laid sacrifices for this country, but don’t forget that we have lost more civilians than soldiers in the war against the militants. Already the army has the highest portion of the federal budget and at an economically crucial time, cutbacks are necessary!

ISLAMABAD: The cabinet has decided to increase the salaries of the soldiers and officers of the armed forces, Federal Information Minister Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira told media while addressing press conference Wednesday.

The armed forces are playing an important role in war against terrorism and forces have given greater sacrifices for the people of the country in war against terrorism. They must be given initiatives. Therefore, federal cabinet has decided to raise the salaries of the soldiers by 20 percent while the salaries of the officers would be raised by 15 percent, he added.

The committee has been formed to review the case of the salaries of Balochistan policemen and to give the equal salaries as given to policemen in other provinces, he added.

Kaira said that the government would install the rental power projects in view to the audit report of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the rental power projects and only those power projects would be installed which had been called as suitable by the ADB.

We are facing the shortage of sugar in the country. The cabinet has ordered Trading Corporation to import 0.5 million tons of sugar, he added.

The federal cabinet has also approved to install new power plant in Guddu, Sindh, he added.

Source: Samaa News

6 responses to “Does the military really need an increase?

  1. I don’t find any objection to pay raise proportioned to the rate of inflation.
    The Pay increase should be uniform for all cadres of civil and military servants.

    I am curious to learn , where all this money is coming from where Pakistan, monetarily, is close to bankruptcy?

  2. @ Javed Sheikh,

    From IMF and ADB, as the (so called) friends of Pakistan are not going to put their money into a bottomless pit any more.

    • @Neel123,
      Kindly refrain from using spiteful language. This is not a forum for hate and anger. If you continue to do so, I will have to censor your comments.
      Thank you.

  3. i think there is no reason to object to pay increase for is fighting the battle of survival for pakistan and its people.We should back the up wholeheartedly as this is how great nations stand up to the challenges. by the way increase will merely effact them about 2 to 3 thousand Rs in all. Not a big deal when basic commodities of life are increasing rocketing high.

    • Agreed, it is only a 15 per cent increase for the Army officer and a 20 per cent increase for the jawan. But you answered my own question. When basic commodities are increasing “rocketing” high, there is no need to increase salaries of at this point in time. Mind you, the “2 to 3 thousand Rs” may sound like a small amount but it will cost the national exchequer Rs 35 billion. Now, I don’t really think that is a small amount!

  4. It is really injustice to raise the pay of police and army by 115% to 120 % but only 15 ~ 20 % for other Govt Employees. If there is inflation then it is for all.
    It is really shameful. There is no harm to give benefits for those who are really in WAR at borders but most if the army is sitting in the cities and enjoying best life and getting the pay of WAR.
    It is therefore suggested that Govt should also do justice with other people of Pakistan .
    Rana Ali

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